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Educational Facilities


Mart has proudly served almost every Independent School District in the North Texas Area.  We understand school policies on security and require all personnel to be badged in accordance with the district requirements.  We also adhere to policies regarding schedules, noise and ensuring construction activities do not disrupt the learning environment

Decatur ISD Administration Renovations


Original built in 1938; the Decatur High School Building has served at various times as a high school, middle school, college and county museum. The recent renovation returned the building to its former glory and will allow the district ample expansion room for the administration offices.


The original windows, that had been covered up for years, were exposed and replaced with energy efficient units. The auditorium was renovated to serve as the new district board room and included refurbishing the original seats and exposing original ornate dentil work along the walls. A grandfather clock from the original high school was reinstalled. Cost of the renovations to the historic structure was $2,600,000.


Luna Preparatory School for Uplift Education


Completed for Uplift Education in less than three months, this high profile project consisted of converting an existing two story, 84,000 square feet office building in Dallas’s Deep Ellum, district just east of downtown, into a public charter school.


The project was awarded under a Competitive Sealed Proposal process and the construction contract was approximately $2,700.000.


Godley High School Science Labs


Mart converted existing classrooms into two state of the art high school science labs. The project was completed over the summer.


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