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Municipal, State and Federal


In virtually all cases, the successful construction of a project is directly related to the experience of the Construction Management team. At Mart, we have been managing the construction of public infrastructure projects for decades. Let us put this experience to work for you. Our multi-disciplined team of professionals has the skill and knowledge to meet your project needs.

HL Green (Wilson) Building

The Wilson Building is an historic 12-story building in the Main Street district of downtown Dallas, Texas. The building was completed in 1904 and patterned after the Palais Garnier in Paris, France.


The Wilson building was the tallest structure in Dallas from 1904–1909 and was considered the premier commercial structure west of the Mississippi.


Mart, Inc. was the contractor hired to complete the historic restoration/preservation on the exterior 7th and 8th floors of the building.  Copper roofing was restored and custom molds were created in New York for the Terracotta stone.

Plano Animal Shelter Addition and Renovations



The Plano Animal Shelter was a bond forfeiture project that Mart was awarded and followed through to completion.  This project was built within LEED AP standards.


The project involved building a new addition to the building as well as numerous other renovations to the existing complex.   Mart made recommendations on materials and to the satisfaction of the owner oversaw the construction of asthetically pleasing areas of the addition.

Prairie Paws Animal Adoption Center Surgical Suite



One of the primary goals of Prairie Paws Animal Adoption Center is to place as many pets as possible into quality homes with responsible owners.


Prairie Paws was an existing occupied premises that required an addition of a surgery suite.


The project required remodeling of existing spaces through internal demolition, renovation and construction.

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